Mad Toys Cowgirl Adult Costumes

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Dust off your boots, grab your hat, and let the Cowgirl Adult Costume transport you to a time when the Wild West was wilder and adventures were bigger. Whether you're lassoing hearts at a Halloween party, two-stepping at a themed event, or spicing up a special occasion, this outfit is your ticket to channeling the untamed spirit of the Wild West.

Product Features:

  • The waistcoat adds a touch of Western flair to your ensemble. With its intricate details, it serves as the centerpiece of your cowgirl attire, providing a fashionable and authentic look.
  • Chaps are an iconic part of the cowgirl outfit, designed to be worn over your regular pants.
  • The wrist cuffs are a charming addition that completes the cowgirl look with a touch of authenticity.

Costume includes: Waistcoat, Chaps & Wrist Cuffs

UK Sizes (approx bust x waist):

  • Small (8-10) 79-86 x 61-69 cm
  • Medium (12-14) 89-97 x 71-79 cm
  • Large (16-18) 99-107 x 81-92 cm

To ensure a perfect fit, this costume is available in various sizes for adult of different ages. Please refer to our sizing chart to select the right size.

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